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  1. LED Projectors Explained

    Very few people know how LED projectors work, and the difference between an LED, Lamp and Laser projector. Below, we go into detail about how LED projectors work and how they would best suit you.

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  2. Lamp vs Laser: What's the difference?

    As we know, there are countless different projector brands out there, each being different to one another in their own unique ways. What isn’t often spoken about though, is about the difference between a lamp projector and laser projector, and when is the best time and place to use them. Below, I explain the differences, and what would be best for you.

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  3. The Complete Guide to Technology in Classrooms

    A Complete Guide to Technology in Classrooms! A Brief History and Overview of Classroom Technology: Before the 1930’s, technology in schools was unheard of, and students/teachers alike had to adapt to using resources like chalkboards, books and mass stock of pencils and paper in order to keep permanent copies of student work.

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