Very few people know how LED projectors work, and the difference between an LED, Lamp and Laser projector. Below, we go into detail about how LED projectors work and how they would best suit you.


How do LED projectors work?

In short, LED projectors (light-emitting diode projectors) has a small light source that glows when a current passes through it. Unlike lamp-based projectors that transform white light into colours to display, LED projectors generate colours by combining three colours of light – red, green and blue. This then creates the image that you see displayed by the projector. An LED projector has a wider palette of colours that are more natural and brighter.


What are the benefits of LED projectors?

LED projectors are sometimes favoured over lamp projectors, and that is because of the many benefits they have. For example, they save you more time than the average lamp projector because you don’t have to wait for the lamp to heat up and cool down after use. LED projectors are also better for the environment! They require less power to operate and they save up to 50% more energy than a lamp-based projector. Requiring less maintenance than any other projector, an LED projector lasts for 30,000+, and you don’t have to worry about changing out a lamp with this one!

These projectors provide an enhanced viewing experience for all, with higher colour saturation displayed and brightness that helps viewers enjoy a better projected image. If you’re using an LED projector to watch movie, be rest assured that you can enjoy this in style, with the best colour output and clear image. LED projectors are not equipped with noisy fans to keep them cool, seeing as they produce little heat when in use. This is also a massive advantage because there are no distracting noises. These projectors are portable and can be moved around with ease, should you want to change things around ro bring it with you for a weekend away.


LED projectors in different settings:

LED projectors are very versatile, and they can be used all in sorts of settings ranging from education and business settings, to your own home.


The Home Entertainment experience has never been better, with better colour output and ultra 4K HD displays, using an LED projector. You don’t have to worry about any irritating fan noises either because the LED projectors don’t have them – they can keep themselves cool, and there’s no chance for it to overheat. You can now expect a true-to-life cinematic experience at home, especially if you pair your projector with a good set of speakers.


For educational settings, projectors need to be easy to use, reliable and require little maintenance. One of the most important things, is that it can withstand being on throughout the school day, for 5 days a week. The LED projectors, with their instant power on, long lifespan, and effortless configuration makes them the perfect projectors for classrooms.


Using LED projectors in a business environment is perfect, because they offer easy connectivity with other technology in the room. The instant power on time for the LED projector saves masses amounts of time before and during a meeting, to get things done quicker and more efficiently.  And just as for schools, the portable models, with their in-built battery, also come in handy for sales staff in the context of presentations outside of the office.

Travel and Leisure

Now commonly equipped with quality built-in speakers, Wi-Fi, durable batteries, and even direct access to streaming services, they offer a nice alternative when it comes to travel or vacations. With their compact format, you can now simply pair up your phone and stream the latest episode of your favourite TV show in your backyard, on holiday or even on the beach!