About Our Lamps

What projector lamps do we sell?

We sell 3 types of projector lamp:

  • Compatible: This is a compatible bulb inside compatible housing.
  • Original Inside: These lamps use very high-quality components that are comparable to the bulb supplied by the original manufacturer, thus guaranteeing performance.
  • Original/Genuine: This lamp is the Manufacturers genuine lamp. This means that both the bulb and the housing are original.

We stock over 10,000 lamps, varying between the types listed above. Our vast range of projector lamps means that you will always find a lamp that is perfect for you and your projector.

Our quality compatible lamps range is the perfect, cost-effective alternative to an Original projector lamp.


What is a projector lamp?

Is it a bulb or is it a lamp? What’s the difference?

A projector bulb is exactly that, the bulb. If you purchase a bulb you will need to, very carefully, fit that bulb into the bulb housing.

A projector lamp is the complete unit, bulb + housing. The housing will already have the bulb fitted, so you simply have to remove the old housing from the projector and fit the new one. This method is far more convenient than fitting a bulb only.

It can get quite confusing. There are just 3 types of lamps you can purchase. We carry all 3 options so we can offer you, our customers, the best choice.